GameSir F5 Falcon Mini Mobile Gaming Controller

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GameSir F5 Falcon Mini Mobile Gaming Controller

Brand: GameSir
Model Name: F5 Falcon
SKU: 1307570161

GameSir F5 Falcon Mini Mobile Gaming Controller Features:
● Recording Your Exclusive Fire Rate
Learning makes people progress, so does the GameSir F5 Falcon mini. By simply switching to the Learning Mode, GameSir F5 Falcon mini will start recording the time intervals for the next 10 clicks. Then F5 Falcon mini will simulate your every click motions by just long pressing the trigger button. Here you can enjoy the chicken dinner, with a way that can ease your fingers but still can slay your foes in games at the same time.
● Plug and Play
Simple and easy to use is the design concepts of GameSir F5 Falcon mini. For this reason, the development team adopted a back buckle design for F5, so users only need to press with their fingers to make the touch point of GameSir F5 fit perfectly on the mobile phone screen, then can start the game immediately. No apps, no Bluetooth, no nonsense.
● Available on Left or Right
If you have met the GameSir F5 Falcon mini, you will know that this time, you don’t need to buy other trigger buttons to make a pair since F5 just fits either the left side or the right side of your mobile phone. Save the money as well as space, so why not choose GameSir F5 Falcon mini as your loyal partner?
● Capacitive Mapping
To better simulate the human finger’s touching data as well as to reach the minimum latency, the technology of capacitive mapping was applied to the GameSir F5 Falcon mini by the development team.
● Dual Burst Mode
The size of the GameSir F5 Falcon Mini does not mean that it is not powerful, because, in a rapidly changing battlefield, only the pre-emptive is the way to success. Therefore, GameSir F5 can provide 2 burst modes to help, one of which is 9 random launches, and the other one is a more powerful learning burst mode, which can record your fire rate and play a fatal trick to your foes.
● Your Best Partner for Any Battlefields
It is strongly recommended that you use GameSir F5 Falcon mini in games that are very testable to the player’s reaction ability such as FPS games and Racing games. Even if you lag behind the enemy at a certain moment, using GameSir F5 burst mode, you will win with the greatest possible!
● Easy-Carry Tiny Body
Traveling anywhere with the loyal friend GameSir F5 Falcon mini and feel no burden, because it is made of ABS material, light weight and durable. In addition, since countless attacks need to be pressed in one battle, the clicky button can reduce the pressure on the fingers.

GameSir F5 Falcon Mini Mobile Gaming Controller Technical Specifications:
● Brand: GameSir
● Connection: Plug-and-Play
● Working Platforms: iOS & Android
● Battery Capacity: built-in 40mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
● Charging Time: 1~2 hours
● Working Time: 5~6 hours
● Package Size: 82*59*26mm
● Gross Weight: 33g
● Compatible Mobile Phone
● Thickness: less than 12mm
● Compatible Games
● Games that support custom virtual buttons

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