Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse

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Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse

Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse is your perfect go-to mouse for productivity on-the-go. With silent clicks and effortless navigation all packed into a compact design, this portable performer is the perfect fit for your workday no matter where you are.

Brand: Razer
Model: Pro Click Mini
SKU: 1307790329

Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse Features:
● Minimum Sound
The silent mechanical switches on this mouse offer you and others a quiet, distraction-free experience when at the office or WFH, while its super durable design lasts for up to 15 million clicks.
● Ultimate Portability
The mouse’s sleek, subtle form factor fits easily into backpacks and briefcases, allowing you to maximize your productivity and efficiency whether you’re at the office or working from home.
● Navigation Made Effortless
Navigate easily with a scroll wheel that lets you switch between free-spin mode when viewing long webpages or documents, tactile mode for precise scrolling, and tilt-click for horizontal scrolling.
● Power Through Long Hours of Work
Built for the grind, this ultra-lightweight mouse is built to power you through your work week and then some.
● Works with 1 or 2 AA Batteries
Requiring only one AA battery to work – choose to go extra light with one AA battery or go for extra long battery life with two AA batteries.
● Hyperspeed Wireless
Powered by industry-leading wireless technology, enjoy fast, reliable performance that gives you more work freedom and efficiency while keeping your workspace clean and cable-free. Razer Productivity Dongle is designed to connect both your wireless mouse and keyboard, you can streamline your setup even further and free up a USB port on your PC or laptop for other devices.

Razer Pro Click Mini Mouse Technical Specifications:
● Color: White
● Form Factor: Ambidextrous
● Connectivity: Razer™ HyperSpeed 2.4GHz wireless + Bluetooth®
● Battery Life:
*Up to ~725 hours on Bluetooth®
*Up to ~465 hours on 2.4 GHz wireless
● RGB Lighting: None

How many batteries are needed for the Razer Pro Click Mini?
The Razer Pro Click Mini works with both 1x AA and 2x AA batteries. Choose to go lightweight with 1x AA battery. Go for ultra-long battery life with 2x AA batteries.

What is the rocker switch under the scroll wheel?
The rocker switch allows you to toggle between tactile mode for precise scrolling and free-spin mode to quickly go through long webpages and documents.

Does the Razer Pro Click Mini have a tilt scroll?
The Razer Pro Click Mini features 7 programmable buttons which includes a tilt-click scroll wheel.

What is the button at the bottom of the mouse?
The button at the bottom of the mouse allows you to conveniently switch between your devices without the constant need to pair and unpair.

Why is the top button blinking red on the Razer Pro Click Mini? (Low Power Indicator)
The Razer Pro Click Mini’s status indicator will blink red twice in repeated intervals to indicate that the battery level is less than 5%. This lighting sequence will repeat until the battery is fully drained. Once you receive this notification, it is time to replace the battery.

Where can I find the Razer™ Productivity Dongle for the Razer Pro Click Mini?
The Razer™ Productivity Dongle is stored in a compartment underneath the top cover of the mouse. Simply remove the cover to store or remove the Razer™ Productivity Dongle.

How do I connect the Razer Pro Click Mini to compatible keyboards using the Razer™ Productivity Dongle?
Step 1: Download and install Razer Synapse 3.
Step 2: Connect mouse and keyboard using included wireless USB dongle.
Step 3: Set device pairing via Razer Synapse pairing interface.

How many devices can be connected to one Razer™ Productivity Dongle? How many dongles can each device connect to?
You can connect one mouse and one keyboard with each Razer™ Productivity Dongle. Each device can only connect to one dongle at a time. All Razer™ Productivity Dongles are interchangeable, and you can set the dongle pairing via Razer Synapse.

What compatible keyboard can I connect to the Razer Pro Click Mini via the Razer™ Productivity Dongle?
You can connect the Razer Pro Click Mini and the Razer Pro Type Ultra using the same the Razer™ Productivity Dongle, for a clean and clutter-free setup.



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