Fifine K669B USB Microphone

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Fifine K669B USB Microphone

Brand: Fifine
Model Name: K669B
SKU: 1309650277

Fifine K669B USB Microphone Features:
● Measures up to the standards of a spot-on USB microphone
A USB microphone priced at an entry-level should serve starters well: you do not have to possess the knowledge and skills of an experienced audio engineer. All you need to do is plugging, all you need to know is if it is work.
The FIFINE K669B is exactly such kind of spot-on USB microphone. After hooking it up with Mac, Windows or Play Station (does not work with Xbox) and checking if it is the default device under the software setting, you are good to kick off your business without breaking into a sweat.
The fool-proof installation does not stop on a computer and a game console, the same sort of compatibility can be found on the connection with mobiles. With a USB adapter (type C/micro USB/lightening male to type A female), you can get the best audio quality out of your Android, iPhone & iPad for a run-and-gun style of recording.
● The build quality and flexibility is off the scale of a USB microphone
The gloss is not because of the metallic black finish but the actual all-metal body, which presents a professional feel and also reduces the risk of denting.
Considering how tight the form factor is, the 550 gram of weight is already hefty enough to prevent the mic from moving around on a sleek desk.
The headset streamers will benefit from using a standalone microphone even more: a bulky ear-unfriendly headset can be thrown away. You can place the mic out of the reach of your webcam for a cleaner streaming frame to present to your viewers.
It uses a vertical and horizontal adjustable pivot mount. Thus whatever desk it sits on, you still can set up a perfect pickup angle with ease. A foldable and detachable tripod is a great plus point when you have to pack the mic up for on-the-road use.
● Raise your streaming game with clarity
The volume control will help steal the show. Because it allows quick adjustment on the fly to keep consistent audio, your teammates or viewers will not hear any uncomfortable to their ears. You can even turn the dial all the way down to get it worked as a mute button to kill off the mic.
● Strikes you as a recording microphone
Combining with the cardioid pattern, the highs-favored calibration marks the most prominent feature – clarity. Thus, compared with other USB condenser mic, it has more remarkable sound focusing and picks up more details up the top for voice-over, vocal-recording.
● It will earn a place in your studio
Noise-isolating is never an advantage of a condenser mic, but a relatively low self-noise level for the price is. Thanks to an integrated circuit, you will hear less hissing. The rounded sound is neither a selling point of most USB microphones, but you still can get your voice warmer and more engaged for the podcast by placing the mic closer to your mouth.
Because of wide and flat frequency response, K669B is equally sensitive to lows, mids and highs ensuring consistent performance in all applications. It also balances your voice with much less artifact and distortion thanks to a decent ratio of compression & amplification.
The result is that despite being a USB microphone, it still gives you the best raw quality possible for podcast and voice-over for the price, saving you many troubles of voice equalization or noise reduction.

Fifine K669B USB Microphone Technical Specifications:
● Type: Condenser
● Polar Pattern: Cardioid
● Frequency Response: 20-20kHz
● Sensitivity: -34d±30% (at 1kHz)
● S/N Ratio : 78dB
● Bit Rate & Sample Rate: 16 bit 48kHz
● Power Supply: 5V USB power
● Output Connection: USB 2.0
● Shipping Weight: 0.6 kg



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