Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition WW Version

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Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition WW Version

Ergonomic replicas of the world-famous Airbus sidestick and throttle quadrant.

Best for – Civil Aviation
Level – Advanced
Platforms – PC

Brand: Thrustmaster
Model Name: TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition
SKU: 1309650321

Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition WW Version Features:
● Inspired by the Real Airbus Sidestick
An ergonomic 1:1 scale replica inspired by the iconic Airbus sidestick, the TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition ensures unique handling.
● Built-in Thrust Reverser Mechanism
The throttle built into the base of the joystick includes a thrust reverser function, a unique feature on airliners. This is a major advantage in terms of helping you master related maneuvers, and ensures that your landings are always perfectly controlled.
● Versatile and Modern Design
You can easily adjust the sidestick’s configuration before each takeoff, to meet your requirements: captain, co-pilot, or with the sidestick in the central position for solo flight.
● Lockable Twist Rudder
The rudder can be used by rotating the sidestick’s handle, to make flying easier for multitasking pilots.
This rudder function built into the sidestick’s handle also includes a locking system, for a more realistic commercial flight experience.
● Iconic Airbus Controls
The TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition features 8 ergonomic physical action buttons (plus 8 virtual buttons on the thrust levers, for a total of 16), which are replicas of Airbus airliner controls (A320neo type).
Feel realistic sensations when using the throttle quadrant’s buttons, detents and other controls — just like a real aircraft captain.
● Dual Thrust Levers
The TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition features two separate thrust levers, inspired by their real counterparts found on Airbus airliners.
For even more realistic use with four-engine aircraft (Airbus A380 type), two throttle quadrants can be linked together (additional throttle quadrant sold separately), giving you access to four thrust levers instead of two!
● Universal Thrust Reverser
The TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition features two separate thrust levers, inspired by their real counterparts found on Airbus airliners. It includes a built-in thrust reverser mechanism, which is fully functional on airliners, light aircraft and transport aircraft.
● Pilot Any Type of Aircraft
Mechanical selectors let you disable the detents and thrust reversers (to switch to linear axis mode), for flexible piloting of any type of aircraft.
The stepped mode is inspired by its counterpart found on Airbus airliners, with iconic detents.
● Magnetic Technology
The TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition incorporates the H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) contactless magnetic sensor system from Thrustmaster, with no potentiometers, for an unlimited lifespan and optimal precision during flight sessions.

Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition WW Version Technical Specifications:
● Product Dimensions:
TCA Quadrant Airbus edition : Width: 10.0” / 255 mm Depth: 5.7” / 145 mm Height: 3.3” / 85 mm
TCA Sidestick Airbus edition: Width: 7.7” / 195 mm Depth: 8.9” / 225 mm Height: 7.7” / 195 mm
● Weight:
TCA Quadrant Airbus edition: 1.2 lb / 530 g
TCA Sidestick Airbus edition : 2.0 lb / 920 g
● Box Content:
– 1 x TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition
– 1 x TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition
– 4 x swappable joystick head button modules
– 1 x USB cable (type C to type A)
– 1 x sticker
– 2 x connectors
– 1 x attachment rod
– User manual, quick start guide, warranty information

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